Lynn Nguyen

Lynn Nguyen, TJTV Executive Producer

“For TJTV news, this is Lynn Nguyen, signing off.”

Any TJ student from the past four years can recognize these words along with Lynn’s bright face flashing across the screen for the weekly Morning Announcements. As the Broadcast Executive producer for TJTV, she records footage and edits the most iconic of morning announcements, from Homecoming to JDay. She has diligently been there for all of TJ’s events, in the background, with her trusty Canon camera since freshman year.

Lynn joined TJTV after working in middle school with television production, helping discover her interest and talent in media communications. She hopes to continuously push TJTV into new frontiers, by expanding upon new ideas while maintaining quality and integrity--the most noble trait she posses.

Aside from editing and filming footage, Lynn also loves eating new and trendy foods, reading new books, watching the latest movies, and just chilling out with her friends. Lynn would love to study communications and broadcast journalism in the near future.

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