Taking a win from every loss

The cheer team provided much needed optimism to the colonials during their game against George Mason High School.


Lynn Nguyen

The Colonials and Mustangs wait for the play to start during their game on Aug 30th.

Hunter Hicks, Staff Writer

Streams of cheers filled the stands. The cheer team impeded anyone from realizing the 38 point loss or the many penalties the Thomas Jefferson football team faced. Even at the last couple seconds of the game, the cheer team’s optimism translated into the Thomas Jefferson crowd keeping hope. Although the event occurring at the George Mason field on Aug 30th was meant to be a football game, it was much more of a cheer show.

The game started with a great sense of optimism. Although Thomas Jefferson was the underdog, it still had a competitive advantage in size. George Mason’s roughly 800 students do not compare in size to Thomas Jefferson’s nearly 1800. This feeling was echoed by the cheer squad screams and carefully practiced routines. Everyone was joining the cheers using noisemakers to follow the beat. The cheer team forced everyone to be confident that the colonials could become victorious.

This feeling was slowly dampened every time the Mustangs scored a goal. If one watched the scoreboard they would realize a large disparity in points, but if they watched the cheer team they would never have known. There were continuous penalties charged against Thomas Jefferson. In the third quarter, a 15-yard call against the Colonials forced everyone to think a safety was imminent, but as the cheer called, “Watch out Mustangs! Get out of our way! Today is the day we will put you away!,” it was hard to believe that the Mustangs could ever hold the colonials back.

The score ended as 38-0. The huge difference in points would look like a washout to anyone not at the game. But the cheer team’s spirit gave all of the colonials an uplifting feel. Even with losses, the cheer team can make every game like a win. This mojo makes every game an exciting event. The strict unison of every member of the cheer team made it seem like they had been practicing every cheer done for years. These accomplishments put a strong face on Thomas Jefferson athletics.