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The Equity Team seeks to promote and discuss the cultural, religious, gender, and other identities of the 1,809 students at Jefferson.
An education in equity
Aafreen Ali and Rachel Lewis February 28, 2021

You walk into the classroom and take a seat. The teacher announces the lesson plan for the day, and you reach into your bag for a pencil to take notes. To your surprise and...

The Asian student body is overwhelming compared to that of the African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian population at Jefferson.
Dwindling diversity
November 25, 2018
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A 4th grader at Weyanoke Elementary school listens as freshman Megan Enochs explains the science behind constructing a safe and secure container for the egg drop. Enochs is part of a WISE, in which Jefferson students teach girls from Weyanoke Elementary School about scientific concepts through fun experiments.
Stemming opportunities for the disadvantaged
Pramodani Arulkumar and Niharika Chandna February 11, 2020

Eraser marks covering the white paper now hidden by grey scribbles. Pencils rushing to complete the test. Pages whooshing as they are flipped through. Each question checked...

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