With only a month to complete schedules before school began, counselors prioritized core classes. “Our first look was seniors. Do you have your graduation requirements? If you
Students face scheduling mishaps
Keertana Senthilkumar, Staff Writer • September 9, 2021

Jefferson students experienced many scheduling issues with the start of this new, in-person school year.  When schedules were released on Thursday,...

On Aug. 29, the day before the start of her cookie distribution, sophomore Ellen Zeng posted a picture of her recent bakes in Jefferson Chefs. She included a description of how anyone could get a cookie from her over the next few days — and people listened. Photos by Ellen Zeng/Facebook.
Complimentary cookies
Chris Yoo, Staff Writer • September 11, 2021

Free cookies.  Those are two words that most people are delighted to see next to each other, especially when they are just outside. Who doesn’t like...

PTSA conflict timeline
PTSA conflict timeline
August 9, 2021
TJTV News, Episode 140: September 13th 2021
TJTV News, Episode 140: September 13th 2021
Elaine Li and Sahishnu Hanumansetty September 13, 2021

With Homecoming only a week away, it's time for asking week! This week is your opportunity to ask out that special someone or check out some great performances...

Back In Business
Back In Business
August 25, 2021
Padgett Sawyer (Addison Rae) and Cameron Kweller (Tanner Buchanan) have an intimate moment in “He’s All That”.
‘He’s All That’ (2021) is not all that bad
Max Vetter, Entertainment Reporter • September 12, 2021

I’ve got to start by giving a confession… I have no clue who Addison Rae is. Apparently she’s a TikTok personality? I’ve checked out a couple of...

B.L., the appellee at the center of the Supreme Court case Mahanoy School District v. B.L., stands outside her school in Pennsylvania.
Mahanoy School District v. B.L.: What does it mean for students’ free speech?
Chris Yoo, Staff Writer • May 1, 2021
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Senior Oliver Tu and the rest of Jefferson
Colonials stake out early victory against FCA Bucks
Rachel Lewis, Online Editor-in-Chief • September 13, 2021
Junior Eugene Gonzalez competes at a meet against Falls Church High School and John Lewis High School on Wed., May 12, 2021.
Back on track
May 19, 2021
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