Mr. William Young poses for a picture while on a birding trip in Africa. "I find birding to be valuable because it gives you a closer view of nature," Young said.
Birds and Wildlife club hosts guest speaker
Nathan Mo, Team Leader • October 25, 2020

The Birds and Wildlife club hosted guest speaker William Young during its meeting on Friday, October 23. The meeting, which saw a turnout of over 20 students,...

Two of the SGA’s currently active programs center on students’ mental health, which is a much-discussed issue during the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, in which all classes are taking place online. Image by Rachel Lewis.
SGA refocuses on mental health programs during virtual learning
Rachel Lewis, Team Leader • October 20, 2020

Blackboard Collaborate, Fairfax County Public School’s virtual learning platform, is known to students mostly as a screen filled with blank avatars and...

English 9 teacher Stephanie Glotfelty teaches her class virtually. “This virtual year has been quite different. We’re getting through it the best we can,” Glotfelty said.
IBETting on Virtual IBET
October 16, 2020
As one of few Latinx students at Jefferson, sophomore Andrea Silva speaks out.
What it means to be a TJ Latina
Andrea Silva, Guest Writer • July 3, 2020

A teacher once asked me if I ever felt uncomfortable at Jefferson. It’s important to note that their intentions for asking the question were well-meaning....

On a trip to Chicago, senior Didi Elsyad and a friend pose for a picture in front of the Cloud Gate.
A letter to Three
July 3, 2020
National Suicide Prevention Month Awareness Video
National Suicide Prevention Month Awareness Video
Sean Nguyen, Broadcast • September 19, 2020

James Wei Huang took his own life on July 18, 2020, at the age of 16. He was a student from the TJ Class of 2021 and even part of the TJTV News team. Joe...

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Medical music therapy
April 5, 2020
During a Design & Tech class, freshman Patrick Gaucher works on building a prototype. “I am worried about college because I know that getting good grades while maintaining a sport and extracurricular is going to be hard,” Gaucher said.
The overthinkers
February 2, 2020
Dog actor Good-Beasley in “Agent Toby Barks”. Image Courtesy of IMDb.
“Agent Toby Barks” (2020): Oh god, I… I think I’m going to be sick
Max Vetter, Entertainment Reporter • October 22, 2020

If one decides to delve deeper and deeper into the darkest depths of filth that film is capable of, it’s inevitable that they’ll eventually come upon...

Documentary Double!
Documentary Double!
October 10, 2020
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