Most Jefferson students have a rigorous course load and multiple extracurriculars, in addition to college applications during senior year. Skip days provide a respite for exhausted seniors from school-related obligations. “Today was just a chill day, [we didn’t] go to class,” senior Ananya Bagai said.
Class council coordinates senior skip day
Rachel Lewis, Team Leader • November 24, 2020

Wake up. Eat food. Watch Netflix. Take a nap. Repeat. Seniors relaxed at home instead of virtually attending class on Tuesday, Nov. 24, which was the only...

With the move to virtual competitions starting in Month, senior Joshua Lian uses Discord to run and participate in Quizbowl tournaments. “[Discord] was already being used by much of the Quizbowl community to run online tournaments. It blossomed and developed into a full fledged thing once the pandemic locked everyone at home with no way to get tournaments,” Lian said.
Discord Creates Peace of Mind
Anna Hsu, Staff Writer • November 23, 2020

Discord, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform traditionally used by gamers to chat and call, pivoted in a new direction as the COVID-19 pandemic...

The Scholastic Competition Kickoff hosted by Mrs. Seavey took place on Oct. 21 during 8th period.
Uniting Through the Arts
November 20, 2020
As one of few Latinx students at Jefferson, sophomore Andrea Silva speaks out.
What it means to be a TJ Latina
Andrea Silva, Guest Writer • July 3, 2020

A teacher once asked me if I ever felt uncomfortable at Jefferson. It’s important to note that their intentions for asking the question were well-meaning....

On a trip to Chicago, senior Didi Elsyad and a friend pose for a picture in front of the Cloud Gate.
A letter to Three
July 3, 2020
Ethington, now TJ Minds Matter (TJMM) President and Mental Health Coalition Co-chair, sits at TJMM
Lessons I'm learning from a life-long journey
Eden Ethington, Guest Writer • November 9, 2020

As a leader of Jefferson's many mental health efforts, I’ve struggled with feelings of inadequacy for not having “figured out” my own mental health...

The poster for "Grand Army" featuring the five main characters: Siddarth, Jayson, Joey, Dominique, and Leila, from left to right.
"Grand Army" breaks boundaries
Rhea Premanand, Staff Writer • November 24, 2020

Disclaimer: This show is rated TV-MA and contains scenes of abuse. Following five students from diverse backgrounds trying to find their way at a competitive...

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