Justin Chang
A senior at Jefferson, Justin Chang is in his fourth year of working on the newsmagazine staff. As an Editor-in-Chief, Chang works with the tjTODAY staff to help meet deadlines for publication dates, assists production of online and print articles, and designs spreads for the magazine issues. Chang served as a staff reporter in his freshman and sophomore years, a Team Leader his junior year, and Editor-in-Chief his senior year. Chang initially started tjTODAY because he enjoyed Journalism in middle school and wished to continue it throughout high school, and his participation in journalism has proven to be filled with memorable experiences and, surprisingly, valuable life-long lessons.

"Being in journalism has taught me about not only how to view the world and perceive certain situations critically, but also how to interact with people and search for information under various circumstances," Chang said. In his free time, Chang enjoys watching and playing sports, catching up on the latest movies and TV series, and hanging out with friends.

As for his future, after high school, Chang wishes to pursue a career in journalism and law. “I recently went on a tour of the campus at George Washington University in D.C. and one of the things that stood out to me was the School of Media and Public Affairs. I remember the guide telling us how student journalists here met and interacted with politicians and how they really got the chance to learn about new issues," Chang said. "Later that day, I realized that this is what I wanted to do with my life.”

Justin Chang, Editor-in-Chief

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