Prominent companies visit Jefferson to offer internship opportunities


Jefferson students participate in Jefferson’s internship fair for students interested in summer internships. Photo Courtesy of Sally Zabel, TJHSST Partnership Fund Outreach Manager.

Justin Chang, Staff Writer

Microsoft, Delta, Capital One, and MITRE, are just some of the companies interested in offering internships opportunities for students at Jefferson, and on Jan. 17, during 8th period, representatives from these companies and more visited Jefferson to offer summer internships for students interested in gaining valuable knowledge in the aspects of science, technology, engineering, and business.

Students attended the interest meeting for a variety of reasons, including knowing what companies are offering internships, knowing what skills are wanted, and to know what the companies have to offer in their internships. These reasons give students a general idea of what the summer internships provide.

“I was interested in attending the interest meeting because I wanted to see the types of companies that were offering summer internships and to talk to them,” Freshman Aditya Kumar said. “So I can know what specific skills they are looking for.”

However, as most of the summer internships are prioritized for upperclassmen, Jefferson’s freshmen expressed their interest in participating in next year’s internships, at companies such as Capital One, Delta, and Microsoft.

“I do intend to participate in the 10th grade when I am qualified age wise to apply for some of these internships,” Freshman Manas Elaprolu said. “I want to apply for these internships since they provide valuable work experience, which prepares me for when I get a job or another internship in college.”

In addition, others expressed their thoughts on companies such as MITRE and Microsoft offering internship opportunities at Jefferson.

“It was very nice to meet all those major companies, like MITRE, Microsoft, and Booz Allen Hamilton,” Kumar said. “I think it shows how good Jefferson is that these companies come to our internship fair.”

However, others expressed mixed feelings regarding companies and corporations offering Jefferson students summer internships.  

“I was disappointed that most of the internships had an age limit, but I realized that it wouldn’t be legal to make kids under sixteen work,” Elaprolu said. “I also felt as if would be a good opportunity for me, and before I do reach the age limit of sixteen, I have to be prepared to be in a position in which companies would pick me for scholarships. Therefore, I felt as if they were selective, but really good opportunities offered to students at Jefferson.”

Sophomore Rishin Pandit, who is potentially interested in participating in a summer internship,  is excited for all of the internship opportunities that Jefferson students have.
“All the companies were doing cool work and I liked that they were giving internship opportunities to high schoolers,” Pandit said. “Especially at Jefferson, there are many capable students who have learned all these skills and knowledge in class but they usually can’t apply them to life settings. However, now they’re getting opportunities to do so and I think that’s cool.”