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Grace Mak

Grace Mak, Editor-in-Chief

Spinning flags in “middle of nowhere”, Pennsylvania. That’s where Grace Mak was for a good part of the summer, working with the TJMC. Mak, a senior at Jefferson, enjoys baking, and in her free time, used to read classic books like “Pride and Prejudice”.

“But now, I don't get time to read,” Mak said.

Mak also enjoys listening to all sorts of music, and dances as well. Mak has five years of journalistic experience, three of which she has spent working with TJ Media. She started volunteering for the middle school journalism club, and when she first came to Jefferson, she worked as a member of tjTODAY’s 8th-period staff.

As for Mak’s future, “I'm hoping to someday go into the medical field, specifically as a pediatrician or family doctor,” she said. “I've always really loved working with kids."

Mak also hopes to one day take a trip with some of her friends. Mak shared that she was put in a position in which she almost didn’t work for TJ Media, however, her passion for journalism kept her close to TJ Media.

“Unfortunately my schedule didn't work out so I got put into Ancient Civ,” Mak said of her freshman schedule. “So to kinda still be in journalism, I started working as 8th-period staff for tjTODAY and then I was able to sign up for Journalism 2 the next year. This would be my third consecutive year on the tjTODAY staff.”

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The Dell Latitude 3300 XCTO in the storage room.

Power up

Justin Chang, Irina Lee, and Grace Mak
September 18, 2019
Leading up to the April 12 release of their highly anticipated album, Map of Soul: Persona, BTS posted multiple sets of concept photos as teasers. Photo from Big Hit Entertainment.

Map of Soul: Persona

Grace Mak, Team Leader
April 14, 2019
Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.59.33 PM

The BASIC Pumpkin Spice

Grace Mak, Team Leader
October 31, 2018
Sophomore Esha Khator first started participating in Poetry Out Loud last year, using it as an outlet to express her passion for poetrys complexities.

The Art of Emotional Expression

Grace Mak, Team Leader
October 31, 2018
In preparation for her upcoming match, freshman Brianna Ta puts on her ear guard. Despite being only one of two girls on Jefferson’s varsity wrestling team and much smaller than many of her opponents, Ta placed third in National Districts and qualified for regionals. “People are usually amazed [when they find out I do wrestling and jiu-jitsu]. My friends, actually, call me ‘Tata Buff’, and on the wrestling team, my nickname is ‘Warrior Princess’,” Ta said.

Wrestling with Male Dominance

Grace Mak, Staff Writer
February 28, 2018
Ta faces an opponent from TC Williams during an earlier match on Jan. 31.

[Photo] Varsity wrestling sees victories at district championships

Angel Kim, Social Media and Entertainment Editor
February 9, 2018
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