TJTV News, Episode 73: Feb. 11, 2019


Lynn Nguyen, Ashley Huang, Will Cho, and Sean Nguyen

Here’s more information regarding some of this morning’s announcements:

Love is in the air! Throughout this week 2021 Class Council will be selling Valentine’s Day Flower  Grams. You can purchase a gram during lunch for $3 to be delivered to whomever you want. Anyone can buy a gram, and each gram comes with a red rose and a handwritten note. They will all be delivered during 8th period this Friday, Feb. 15, so be sure to stop by Nobel Commons this week during lunch to purchase a gram for a friend or that special someone in your life.

TJ is holding its first ever Winter Bash for sophomores and freshman on the night of Friday, Feb. 22 from 4:30 to 9:00 PM! All throughout the building, students can eat delicious food and participate in activities such as basketball tournaments, video games, capture the flag, escape rooms, a talent show, cookie decorating, and much more. Against all odds, the ballerz in the night will even have a video call with Pardis Sabeti! So be there and don’t miss out on a memorable night with your friends. You can purchase tickets for $15 on MySchoolBucks at the link: For more information, go the link

On this day in 1990, after a 27 year prison sentence for organizing the resistance against Apartheid, political activist Nelson Mandela is freed. Soon after in 1994, he would become South Africa’s first black president. Stay tuned for more Black History Month facts!