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Eric Feng, Staff Writer

A freshman at Jefferson, this is Eric's first year of working in TJ Today. He enjoys making questionable puns to his friends, doodling, reading Chinese novels, and Quiz Bowl. Eric joined TJToday because he participated in his middle school's newspaper and wishes to continue his experience in journalism. He participated in TJ's Junior Varsity Football team. Despite all of this, he has no idea what he wants to do in the future.
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Nearing the end of their chess game, junior Kisna Matta (left) and senior Garrett Heller (right) think of their next moves. Heller is co-captain of Jefferson chess club, which meets every Friday during 8th period. “I was pressured [because] of time, but I think I ended up losing the game,” Heller said.

[Photo] In your face

January 31, 2022
The Mathematical Association of America runs the AMC, which is a math competition with many different levels for students from eighth grade to twelfth grade. The later stages of the competition, like the AMIE and the USAMO, are very difficult to get to, and they rely on getting a good score on the first stage: the AMC.

AMC 10 and 12 go virtual

February 12, 2021
Jack Kelly and his other newsies spreading awareness of the strike of newspaper boys, demonstrating the power of the press, protest, and the voice of the people.

Newsies movie review

March 11, 2020
Working diligently on the IBET robot project, students are required to make their robots in 3D printing software, then convert it into a 2D sketch. Shown above is the culmination of hours of work for a student.

I, Human

March 10, 2020
squeezing a clamp against the metal, a janitor cuts a lock placed overnight in audlob.

Cubby controversy

February 12, 2020
A fine example of folk art in China, this origami window decoration depicts fish and is representing wealth. Nowadays these masterpieces are mass-produced in factories, but it is definitely enjoyable to sit down and spend some time on creating your own unique decorations.

Modern Chinese New Year

January 22, 2020
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