Latin honors society holds ice cream social


Students enjoy ice cream and the opportunity to socialize at the Latin ice cream social.

Raed Mirza and Eric Feng

Almost 200 people in total showed up to the Latin Ice Cream Social, which took place on Friday, September 21st.  The event was seen as an opportunity for new Latin Students and Latin Honor Society (LHS) members to get to know each other. For prospective LHS members, this was an opportunity for LHS officers to introduce themselves. 

This event was also slightly difficult to organize, but Latin still persevered through the difficulties. “We expect a large turnout, probably about 90 students each block. So that will be a little crazy. But we have a really great group of board members from last year’s officers who are helping to run it.” Latin Teacher Patricia Lister said.

Expectations for this event were high. People looked forward to this event, because of the opportunities to socialize. “If many people attend this event, it will be the best!”(Translated from Latin) sophomore Albert Zeng said.  

At the ice cream social, people were playing games, doing icebreaker activities, getting to know each other well.  Society members were pleased with the turnout.

“This is the first event of Latin Club and I am excited that so many people showed interest,” senior Jungmin Shin, who helped organize games for younger Latin Students, said. 

LHS members didn’t just show up for the ice cream. They came for the company.

“I came here to socialize with people who are members of LHS, and also new [LHS] members,” senior David Chen, who is running for an LHS officer position, said. 

The Latin Ice Cream succeeded in its primary goal of bringing old and new Latin students together.