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The student news site of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology


The student news site of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology


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Empathy of a sticker

The Jefferson bumper stickers tell the story of our struggles, and more
Eric Feng
The design of the Jefferson bumper sticker has long been criticized, however its simplistic design embodies the appropriately embodies the Jefferson experience.

Seeing the classic TJ bumper sticker anywhere outside of the school parking lot is an exhilarating experience. Knowing that somewhere in the car itself or the shopping center it’s parked, a fellow classmate is present: another soul who knows and shares the same struggles of vectors, conics, and rotations. 

The TJ bumper sticker is a perfect representation of the Jefferson name. The simplicity of its design highlights the recognition associated with our name; we don’t need flashy designs or eye-catching colors to draw attention. The letters speak for themselves.

Not only do the stickers tell a tale of struggle, but of interest and identity. A Jefferson sticker alongside a crew or track logo can give even more insight on the athletic prowess of the potential student. A bright yellow “student driver” labels the student as an upperclassman, while the addition of the class-specific license plate frame can narrow down the candidate into their respective grade level. 

Although the sticker costs money, unless you are a member of the Class of 2024 who received a complementary sticker due to our delayed entry into the building two years ago, it could be worth it to your parents. Of all the merch options available, it definitely covers the most ground in terms of letting people know you go to Jefferson, the primary directive of several parents in the community.

Regardless of whether the decision to display the sticker was made by you, or forced by your parents, take pride in what it represents. Let all of the drivers on Braddock Road know that yes, you are in fact turning left into the school, and will be blocking the middle lane.

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