Sabria Kazmi
With roots in the farmlands of Tennessee, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Pakistan, Sabria Kazmi was born with diversity in her blood. Diversity, in everything from her cultural knowledge to her hobbies and interests, has been a signature trait of Kazmi’s ever since.

Kazmi is the vice president of the Muslim Student Association and the co-president of the Russian Honors Society, called “Slava.” Further activities that Kazmi is involved in at school include her roles as Senator for the 2019 Class Council, and, of course, Co-Editor-in-Chief of tjTODAY.

Kazmi, currently a senior, wishes to double major in Computer Science and Russian, work in cybersecurity, and eventually teach, which has always been a passion of hers. Outside of school, Kazmi enjoys binge-watching “Friends” -- she’s walked each episode at least three times --- and climbing trees.

“In first grade,” Kazmi said, “I forgot that when you’re at the top of the tree it can sway sometimes. I [felt] the tree moving and I [yelled], “The tree is falling!” and I [jumped] off the tree. As I was falling down the tree, a branch cut my leg and I had to get 10 stitches.”

Now, however, as Sabria Kazmi climbs persistently to new heights, even as the branches below her begin to sway, she likely won’t be jumping down anytime soon.

Sabria Kazmi, Editor-in-Chief

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