Volleyball senior night photo gallery

Sabria Kazmi, Team Leader

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  • Senior Kiersten Paul smiles as she receives a poster and hugs from her team mates for senior night.

  • The seniors pose for pictures with the posters their team gave them.

  • The team faces the flag and joins arms to prepare for the singing of the National Anthem.

  • The team high fives their coaches right before the start of the game.

  • Team members on the sidelines watch closely as the volley ball game begins.

  • The team huddles together during a time out as the coach talks to them about the game and their strategy.

  • The team puts their hands together to show their unity before the game starts again.

  • The varsity volleyball team smile as the run by JV volleyball members cheering them on after their win.

  • Sophomore Mijin Cho throws the ball into the air to serve it to the other team.

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