Top Five Benefits to Starting School

Sabria Kazmi, Team Leader

5. No more summer assignments. No need to dread over doing summer assignments. Putting aside the fact that you will probably have ten times the amount of work you were assigned in the summer, now you do not have to stress over your summer reading.

4. Messed up sleep schedule is not a problem. You no longer have to beat yourself up about being on a bad sleep schedule, because now you just will not have any sleep at all.

3. Lose those summer pounds. Now that you no longer have freedom with when you can eat during the day, and are forced to walk about ten miles between each class (thanks to all the construction), you are guaranteed to get back in shape. Although, stress-eating from school pressure will likely prevent you from dropping too much.

2. No more “binge watchers’ dilemma”. There is no need to look for new series to binge watch, the only thing you will be watching into late hours of the night are Pardis Sabeti and Bozeman videos.

1. No need for sunscreen. Unlike in the summer, you don’t have to worry about protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays, because between now and June, you will never see the light of day.