Top 8 Trends of 2018


Screenshot from the "thank u, next" youtube video

Ariana Grande’s hit in 2018, “thank u, next”. One of the top trends of the year.

Sabria Kazmi, Editor-in-Chief

1) thank u, next

Ariana Grande’s song and music video “thank u, next” was not only a huge hit but also a fun twitter trend at the end of the year. People starting tweeting it referring to their exes or fictional couples, or simply using it as a caption for pictures. Even Ari herself joined in by tweeting about McDreamy and Meredith (a fictional Grey’s Anatomy couple).

2) The “In My Feelings” challenge

Thank you Drake for this fun but slightly dangerous challenge. After his release of Scorpion in the summer, the “In My Feelings” dance challenge started. The challenge involves playing the song, getting out of a moving car, and dancing with the door open as someone continues to drive the car. There were many dance variations, but this dog’s version is my absolute favorite.

3) Wakanda forever

This was less of a Twitter trend and more of popular hand signal, but it definitely deserves to be on the list. Black Panther was one of the best movies from 2018 and broke multiple box office records. Though the trend started in 2018, I don’t think we’ll ever let it go… because “Wakanda forever.”

Photo by user Kabusa16 via Wikimedia Commons
Two men using the “Wakanda forever” symbol.

4) Weird flex but ok

This popular phrase started trending on Twitter and now I even hear people saying it in person. I can’t blame them, the phrase is so versatile. Someone starts telling you a personal story you don’t find amusing? “Weird flex but ok.” A public official says something you find ridiculous? “Weird flex but ok.” A stranger tells you TMI? “Weird flex but ok.”

5) “Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it”

These are some of the most accurate tweets I’ve seen. The “don’t say it, don’t say it…” is what people tell themselves right before they say something foolish. I love these tweets because even though they’re almost always someone making fun of themselves, so many people relate.

6) Shaking hands tweet

The “shaking hands” trend proves you can find common ground between almost any two people, or things for that matter. Taylor Swift and Voldemort, trains and people, or guys at the gym and girls at the salon, all have something in common. Read some of my favorite “shaking hands” tweets to find out.

7) Flipped the switch videos

It’s been a good year for Drake challenges. This trend is also based on a Scorpion song, this time using “Nonstop.” In the song, Drake says the lyric “I just flipped the switch.” It turned into a meme for people to show how they also “change” with the flip of a switch.

8) Astronomical flex

Not to be confused with the previous “weird flex but ok,” this trend is based on the rising popularity of airpods. At the end of the year as more people bought the popular Apple wireless headphones they began posting screenshots of their phones that show their airpods were connected. The term can also be used for any large boast (not involving airpods) though.

(SPECIAL) Worst Trend: Eating tide pods

Somehow earlier this year people starting thinking eating tide pods would be a fun thing. They were wrong. People have actually died from digesting them. I felt this needed to be included to remind people just how ridiculous some trends are. Tweeting “thank u, next” is one thing, eating a tide pod is a whole other thing, and I am not here for it. Let’s leave the laundry detergent eating in 2018, please.

Photo by Austin Kirk via Flickr
Containers of Tide Pods, the laundry detergent that people joke about for looking appetizing.