Top 16 of 2016: Food


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons

A platter of oysters topped with a lime for flavoring.

Sabria Kazmi and Mijin Cho

1) Cheesecake

While all cake is pretty tasty, cheesecake is different than most cakes. It’s much more rich and creamy. Usually cake has icing, but cheesecake doesn’t need it, although sometimes it has some whipcream or a type of drizzle. There are also a lot of different cheesecake flavors, just look at the Cheesecake Factory Dessert Menu, so you can never get bored of cheesecake flavors.


2) Skillet S’Mores Dip

The S’mores dip provides a way for the taste of heaven from near the campfire to be savored indoors through a kitchen oven. The dip is one of the easiest to make, yet the most effective in capturing the gooeyness of melted marshmallows. Three ingredients, graham crackers, chocolate bars, and fluffy marshmallows, combine together to create a delicious winter treat.


3) Pad see ew

The noodles in Pad see ew are very wide, thick, and they soak up the flavor of the dish very well. They are the same noodles used in Drunken Noodles, and arguably the best noodles for soaking up the flavors in a dish. While the dish usually comes with some type of meat mixed in with the noodles, these juicy noodles are the highlight of the dish.


4) Soup dumplings

Served in steamer baskets, these dumplings surprise consumers with a thick, savory soup. Because of its liquid component, soup dumplings can be eaten with straws or giant spoons. The secret is in a cube of cooled gelatinous stock. Solid at room temperature, the cube melts perfectly in each dumpling when steamed.


5) Cereal

To most people cereal is a very basic dish, but still a big part of their diet. There are a variety of cereals from granola to honey nut cheerios to cocoa puffs, but they all have something in common. When you put them in a bowl of milk it makes an instant easy meal.


6) Oreo Pies

Pies are classic dessert dishes for family dinners and parties, but not many have tried Oreo Pies. Oreo crumbs formed the crusts in order to bring out the sandwich cookie cream in the filling for the pie. Add in milk and boom. The traditional Oreo could never taste better.


7) Pancakes

A classic breakfast dish is pancakes, many breakfast restaurants specialize in them, like the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). This ish is simply fried batter in the shape of a circle, which creates a fluffy “cake-like” bread dish. Pancakes are easy to personalize, you can mix in chocolate chips in the batter, add fruits in it, and choose from a variety of syrups and spreads to put on it after they’ve been cooked.


8) Oatmeal

Oatmeal, with a few accommodations, can make healthy yet enjoyable breakfast year-round. Mixing in banana slices, strawberry pieces, blueberries, and mango squares add to the healthy component. In addition, the crunchy aspect comes in through pieces of granola or wheat crackers. This oatmeal 2.0 finds a special place in the dining table of those who love their freedom in making meals while feeling healthy.


9) Chicken Alfredo

This pasta dish is something that is usually featured in every italian restaurant. It consists of long fettuccine noodles covered in Alfredo sauce mixed with chicken slices. If you like pasta and creamy Alfredo, this dish is for you.


10) Pasta Pizza

The combination of the traditional pizza and pasta bring together a new favorite in restaurants all around. Rather than scattering pieces of vegetables or meats as toppings, some restaurants may choose to get out their tomato pastas and cheese to complete the dough pan. The cheesy and soft feeling of noodles with pizzas create a new sensation among pizza-lovers.


11) Burritos

While there are many burrito-like foods, such as tacos and enchiladas, burritos are special because they are fully wrapped with usually nothing on the outside of the tortilla holding it together, making it easy to eat with your hands. This food is another dish that you can personalize, becuase you can put almost anything you want in a burrito. In places like Chipotle, you can pick your meat, vegetables, rice, sauces, and more, so there are a variety of possible burritos. If you like being able to switch up your food a little, burritos can easily be changed depending on what your mood for food is that day.


12) Macarons

Born in Italy, the macarons first invented by Catherine de Medicis in 1533 have come a long way into United States. Praised for its delicate texture and arrangement of colors, macaron halves are chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The rich filling of jam, chocolate, and other sweets allows an explosion of flavor that comes with each bite.


13) Omelettes

Omelettes are a great source of protein for people who don’t eat meat or are looking to eat high protein foods in the morning. An omelet is similar to a taco, except what would be the tortilla in a taco is replaced with fried egg, and omelettes usually don’t contain an excessive amount of food within them because the egg itself is substantial and filling.


14) Oysters

Fresh oysters remain most famous for its fresh taste. In the humidity of summer times, oysters dipped in various sauces bring new senses in your mouth. Additionally, they are packed with nutrition including vitamins C, D, and E, iron, and magnesium. The only problem is its increasing price due to human disturbance on oyster reefs, making them delicacies for restaurants.


15) Popcorn

Popcorn is more of a snack than a food you could actually consider your meal, but it also serves to be on this top 16 list. This snack is probably the most popular food in movie theaters, and sometimes the best part of a movie theater experience is getting popcorn that you can butter and salt just the way you like it. There is also microwaveable popcorn, which brings the popping experience to your home and usually only take about three minutes to heat. The only dilemma is that you have to be careful how long you put popcorn in the microwave for, too short a time means a lot of kernels will be leftover, but too long a time results in burnt popcorn. Most of the time though, whether popcorn is from the theater or from home, it’s a light enjoyable snack.


16) Peanut butter cookies

Simplicity is served with 10-minute homemade peanut butter cookies. Using only three ingredients, egg, white sugar, and peanut butter, the rich flavor of peanut butter goes well with warm milk. They are especially popular among home bakers for its quickness.