Freshman Lockout Photo Gallery

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  • Class Council members speak to the freshmen class about lockout procedures and activities.

  • Ally Nakamura in the "dance room", which was in a raquetball court. In the background Anubhava Watal serves as a DJ.

    Laura Gersony

  • Maxwell Jones, Aditya Koneru, and Nikhil Bandaru get ready for the relay races.

    Johnathan Huynh

  • Bindu Srinivasa, Kirthana Srinivasan and Ishika Govil perform a fusion dance of Bollywood and hip hop.

  • Sarah gold, Victoria Riehle, Olivia Johanson sing an acapella mashup of This is Gospel by Panic! at the Disco and Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy.

  • Will Cho, Reena Medavarapu, Sophia Wang and Julia Martinez sing Let's Go Crazy by One Direction.

  • Beza Girma sings Piece By Piece by Kelly Clarkson.

  • Annie Wang and Athilesh Thanigai rap and sing Love the Way You Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna.

  • Joffin Manjaly dances to Indian music. His act included doing the worm, moonwalking, and standing on his toes, and he got lots of applause from the crowd.

  • Christina (Chrissy) Blake sings Yours by Ella Henderson

  • Ethan Nguonly and Joseph Rejive sing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz for the talent show. They received a standing ovation.

  • Walker Haynes got the "Most likely to steal candy from an orphan" paper plate award. He tied for this position with Ansh Gandhi.

  • Cassidy Trinh and Shambhavi Ramaswamy play basketball before the talent show during open gym. Multiple basketball games occurred in the gym before the talent show.

  • Aaron Wadhwa, Aditya Koneru, Ansh Gandhi, Ishika Govil, Joffin Manjaly, Kaitlin Phan, Kirthana Srinivasan, Nidhi Talasani, Pari Parajuli, Saager Sheth, Shruti Chennamaraja, Stuthi Iyer, Utkarsh Chirimar, Varun Gannavarapu finish their performance of Bhangra and Bollywood at the talent show. Not all the students who performed are members of the Bhangra team at Jefferson.

  • Rayaan Malhotra kicks a soccer ball while playing human foosball. Human foosball required teams of five to compete.

  • Samiksha (Sami) Kale, Charlotte Wickert, and Kathryn Yang plays volleyball with friends before the talent show during open gym time. Other students played with lacrosse equipment and basketballs.

  • Students wrote on pieces of paper their names and interesting facts about themselves as part of the icebreaker. Students then had to throw the paper into the middle of a circle and collect another student's paper and find the other student.

  • Lockout attendees play with yoga balls in the yoga room before the icebreaker.

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