Zia Sun

Zia Sun, Social Media Manager

A senior at Jefferson, Elizabeth Sun was writing stories by the time she was 10. Her journey in journalism began in sixth grade when Sun wrote an article for her school’s newspaper on 3D printers, and it has continued throughout middle school and her work in tjTODAY.

“Writing is an outlet for me and a break from the monotonous stress of everyday life,” Sun said. “I started out telling my own stories and now I want to tell others’.”

Sun also loves baking, listening to music, and watching anime to de-stress. Although she is passionate about math and biology, she recognizes the importance words play to ground her and allow her to express herself. Since joining tjTODAY in her sophomore year, Sun has been an active staff writer and photographer and is especially proud of her work on Japanese cultural exchanges.

“Reading manga and watching anime has given me a look into Japanese culture that I’ve been exploring by attempting to learn the language," Sun said. "Being a part of tjMedia means I have more opportunities to interact with the aspects of Japanese culture at Jefferson.”

As for the future, Sun is hoping to be an active member of the journalism program at her future college while conducting research in the sciences. She appreciates the broader outlook that writing for tjTODAY has afforded her and can’t wait to continue her writing journey.

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