Photo gallery of cultural performances by Chiben Gakuen Japanese exchange students

Zia Sun, Staff Writer

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On their last day at Jefferson, March 15, the Chiben Gakuen students performed a Japanese fairy tale and a choreography to a song about America in Nobel for Jefferson students during eighth period.

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  • Tomoaki Matsuyama (center), playing the adoptive father of Princess Kaguya, can't hide his smile at the blanket supposed to be the baby princess while his "wife" Masayoshi Ozaki (right) and Chika Nakamori (left) look on with a laugh.

    Zia Sun

  • Chika Nakamori (left) and Kako Okada (right) reenact a scene from the famous Japanese fairy tale "Princess Kaguya," while fellow Chiben student Masayoshi Ozaki watches on from the background.

    Zia Sun

  • First years Masayoshi Ozaki, Chika Nakamori, Juri Nakaima, Aiko Kouda, Kako Okada, Isato Saika, Ayu Osawa, Tomoaki Matsuyama, and even their exuberant teacher Yukio Morita-Sensei perform the popular "shoot dance" that brings laughter and cheers from the American audience who recognize the meme dance.

    Zia Sun

  • After their performance to "U.S.A" by Japanese boy band Da Pump, the Chiben students invite their audience to join them for another round of dancing.

  • Sophomore Zia Sun unveils the cupcakes she baked for the Chiben students as they watch in surprise after the final performance.

    Otani Koji

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