More classrooms move to trailers


Tommy Lunn

As Jefferson’s multi-year renovation continues, students continue to feel its disruptions.  Starting next this week, parts of the upper wing of the school above the auditorium lobby (Audlob) will be moved to trailers along the access road near Weyanoke Elementary School.

Starting Jan. 13, teachers and students will begin moving to the new trailers, which were given letter names instead of numbers.  Affected classes include those occupying rooms 212-215 in the upstairs front hallway.  Additionally, computer labs 206 and 237 will soon be moving because of construction.

As with any change at Jefferson, the move is sparking reactions from the student body.  Members of the community are noting both positives and negatives stemming from the change, in line with the mixed reviews of trailers already at Jefferson.

“I’m pretty happy that my history and English classes are moving to the new trailers,” junior Steven Androphy said.  “The windows in both rooms have been completely covered by construction. It’s always either too hot or too cold, and I think we’ll have more space in the new trailers.”

This move is going to directly affect humanities classes, especially considering how unexpected the move was.  Students and teachers have to make the move much earlier than they previously expected.

“I personally don’t mind trailer classes that much, but I don’t want to be walking back and forth to the trailers in the cold,” senior Jennifer Ko said.  “Normal rooms are much more comfortable because they’re warmer and closer to the bathrooms.”

However, in February bathroom trailers will open in the new facility.  These were scheduled to be opened along with the trailers, but cold temperatures brought progress to a halt.

“It’s rather annoying because all my classes were positioned really well, and I had to walk maybe ten feet between third and fourth period. Now I have to go all the way outside,” sophomore Abby Peterson said.  “When it’s really cold, hot or raining, walking all that way could be unpleasant.”

There will be 16 new trailers, with the remaining ones being filled later in the month.  Teachers and students will begin moving back into the school building in the middle or the end of 2015.

“The TJ staff and students are always creative and resilient in these types of situations and, together, we are going to use this as an opportunity to show just who we are and that quality instruction and learning can occur anywhere,” Director of Student Services Brandon Kosatka said.