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Top 10 of 2020: Words

Top 10 of 2020: Words

January 10, 2021
Top 9 of 2019: Words

Top 9 of 2019: Words

January 12, 2020
Deep in thought, Wadhwa and Chigurupathi discuss possible pathways while developing their app.

Bumps in BizCity

September 18, 2019
To Kill a Nation

To Kill a Nation

June 2, 2019
Sophomore Tammy Ding and junior Mia Yang compete in a relay at VHSL Region 5C Indoor Championships. Whether indoor or not, Ding finds track to be a blessing. “It’s so easy to get caught up in small matters—which can easily ruin your day—but I find that track helps me relax and detoxify,” Ding said.

Sweating the cold

February 26, 2019
SIS StudentVUE is an easily accessible way for students and parents to be updated on academic performance in classes.

Scrutinizing SIS

February 5, 2019
Words have had a huge impact on 2018 and how we will remember the year.

Top 8 of 2018: Words

January 12, 2019
Sophomore, Amber Garcha, a student representative for Challenge Success, is confident in what Challenge Success can do for Jefferson.

Challenging statistics

December 7, 2018
The Asian student body is overwhelming compared to that of the African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian population at Jefferson.

Dwindling diversity

November 25, 2018
Wilson by Kanchan

[Photo] Claire Wilson

September 5, 2018
Huang by Kanchan

[Photo] Ashley Huang

February 7, 2017
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