Sweating the cold

Indoor track is such a popular winter sport at Jefferson that the cold is barely a factor when it comes to performance or enjoying the sport.


Lisa McArthur

Sophomore Tammy Ding and junior Mia Yang compete in a relay at VHSL Region 5C Indoor Championships. Whether indoor or not, Ding finds track to be a blessing. “It’s so easy to get caught up in small matters—which can easily ruin your day—but I find that track helps me relax and detoxify,” Ding said.

Sonia Kanchan, Staff Writer

The 2018-19 winter sports season has been ravaged by snow storms and even a polar vortex. And yet, this was barely a hurdle for Jefferson’s indoor track and field team.

When it comes to running and field events, Jefferson hosts cross country in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and outdoor track in the spring. However, while winter track has been dubbed as ‘indoor,’ daily practices are still held outside, on Jefferson’s track.

Sophomore Tammy Ding will be continuing her fourth season of track, this spring season, meaning she has been participated in both winter and spring track in the past.

“In the winter, by the time we head up to the track, the sun is usually already set or is setting, so we’re practicing in the dark with artificial lighting. It’s also so much colder, so we have to bundle up in layers, and that makes it harder to run well,” Ding said.

While the weather can be a drawback to winter track, it’s the events that make the sport.

“I like the weather in the spring more and it’s a better vibe in general, but I love the 55m in winter and the overnight meet to Liberty University,” Ding said.

For sophomore Saketh Kura, the 2019 spring season will be his first time participating in track.

“I might’ve considered winter track, but I wasn’t sure because I thought school work was heavy around that time, so laying off a sport would help give me more time to do school work,” Kura said.

Kura wasn’t bothered by the weather as much as by academic concerns. His choice to undertake spring track, stemmed from the hope to reduce stress.

“I like the people who are doing the sport and it is a good community.  Also, running lets me relieve school stress and helps me relax,” Kura said.

Unlike Kura or Ding, sophomore Tavo Duvall marked his start in track this past winter season. However, he will not be continuing during the spring season, due to the priority of another sport.

“I’m not participating in spring track because it’s the same season as soccer,” Duvall said.

As much as weather or academics may play a role in feelings about winter track, it’s what happens on Jefferson’s track that will be remembered.

“With track, it’s like I have no choice but to be happy and feel good, because with the endorphins released from the workout, plus being around friends and being surrounded with positive vibes, it’s just uplifting,” Ding said.