Claire Wilson
The writing journey all started when her brother created two fish characters with his hands. From short stories of those fish going to Mexico, to an actual novel about her classmates stranded on a deserted island, that she published online via Amazon, freshman Claire Wilson dove into the world of writing ever since she was little. Claire Wilson is not just a writer, but a journaler at heart; she started in fourth grade and has plowed through one, two, and now three journals since then.

“I was going through the TJ admissions testing, and I would always map out my schedule, or whatever. I had this thing called Chart Time [where I kept track of what everything meant.]”

It was an instantaneous decision when she checked off “Journalism” as her freshman elective this year.

“It definitely all started when I wrote short stories of the fish characters my brother created when I was little. I wrote a story, then wrote another story about them going to Mexico. We also had this machine that allowed you to turn them into actual books. So I had these actual books, and I drew pictures, but we’re not going to talk about the pictures.”

Claire’s specialty is creative writing; this year will be her first time diving into journalism. Looking forward, she sees herself continuing taking this opportunity to just write, write and write.

Claire Wilson, Staff Writer

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