Seven simple questions will tell us what kind of person you are in a relationship

Courtesy of ButterflySha on Flickr

Courtesy of ButterflySha on Flickr

Aafreen Ali and Claire Wilson

This Valentine’s Day, check out this quiz. Will you be a classic romantic or a quirky bestie?

1) Who’s your valentine?

  1. My dog
  2. My crush
  3. The person next to me in math, the person next to me in science, the person next to me in… I think gym?
  4. My best friend
  5. Someone who was crushing on me

2) What are you going to give them?

  1. A funko pop or something
  2. Red roses and a box of chocolates
  3. I’ll figure it out later
  4. Anything they want
  5. A teddy bear

3) Where would you spend time with them if you weren’t at school?

  1. Concert
  2. Fancy restaurant
  3. Just hanging out
  4. Picnic
  5. Beach

4) What did you write them in your valentine card?

  1. “I donut know what I’d do without you”
  2. I wrote a three page poem, I can’t fit it here
  3. “You’re chill, happy February Day”
  4. “I love you”
  5. “Happy Valentine’s Day from your friend”

5) When they have a casual conversation with you, what do you say?

  1. “I have so many corny jokes, I don’t know where to starch!”
  2. “I don’t really care, to be honest.”
  3. “No, that was before I was dating them …”
  4. “Will you marry me? Yes, now! Will you?”
  5. “I’m seeing a movie this weekend. Want to come?”

6) What do you daydream about them?

  1. Telling them jokes and laughing until you both cry
  2. Them falling for you as hard as you’ve fallen for them
  3. Enjoying their company … until they get boring
  4. Your wedding that you’ve already planned
  5. Going on a classic date: dinner and a movie

7) What do you say to yourself after your first date with them?

  1. “They’re a keeper – they didn’t leave after the fifth pun.”
  2. “This is it – this is the one.”
  3. “That was much better than last week’s first date.”
  4. “I do!”
  5. “Maybe this’ll actually work out.”


Done with your quiz? Here are the results:

If you answered mostly 1), you’re Fun Dip: you’re definitely quirky, and usually the sidekick bestie. Your sense of humor might sometimes be unusual, but you’re dedicated to others regardless. Those who do get to know you appreciate you. Some people like you, some don’t. You have funky, punderful pick up lines.

If you answered mostly 2), you’re dark chocolate: you’re a classic romantic. You’d love to sweep someone off their feet, but your reserved manner might stop you from doing that. When you fall for someone, you fall hard.

If you answered mostly 3), you’re candy hearts: you’re a social butterfly and can flirt very easily. You always know what to say. Although, it’s hard to retain your interest. You never stay in one place for very long. It’s almost as if you’re with someone new every other week. You know exactly what you want but you don’t know where to find it.

If you answered mostly 4), you’re a heart lollipop: you love to love. Sometimes too much. You’re really sweet and people like you, but you can be a bit overwhelming at times. Your willingness to go with the flow is easily taken advantage of, and you’re a little gullible sometimes. However, if you find the “one,” both of you are in it for the long haul.

If you answered mostly 5), you’re a Hershey Kiss: it’s easy for you to fall in love because everyone loves you already. At times, your romantic ideas might be a bit basic, so this Valentine’s Day, try to break away from candy and flowers and give your valentine something meaningful. You are deep down sensitive, and those who get to know you understand that you have more feelings than you let on.