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Grace Sharma, Online Editorial Team

As a sophomore at Jefferson, this is Grace Sharma's second year on tjTODAY. She is passionate about all things humanities and politics. On top of reading and writing, she enjoys STEM, and is always expanding her biology, psychology, and neurology knowledge. Also a huge feminist, she stands up for women’s rights, and always strives to make her voice heard. Grace hopes to be doing something she loves in the future, including writing books, researching, or practicing law. This year in Journalism, Grace hopes to explore her writing abilities and provide a new light through which to view students' stories.

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Freshmen Anna Park and Xavier Reyes work together to program an arduino component in Design and Technology. The Naviance class rank hack threatens to disrupt part of the collaborative nature of the school. “There is a reason why FCPS [Fairfax County Public Schools] schools stopped using class rank previously,” assistant principal Cynthia Hawkins said. “Theres a danger in comparison and a danger in ranking.”

Just another number

November 28, 2022
Junior Aurora Richard races on day two at district track meet and field meet in 2021. Richard began track planning on it being an off-season sport to maintain fitness, but fostered a unique love of track and continued it for the rest of high school. “I love the feeling of sprinting,” Richard said. “Especially this time of season when it starts getting cold. It’s really refreshing.”

Mobility, Stability

November 14, 2022
Regan MacNeil, a teenage girl,
is possessed by a demonic being
in this scene of “The Exorcist”
(1973). Spiritual possession is

a state where the mind is un-
conscious, but the body moves

under supernatural influence. A

subject in this state will typical-
ly be equipped with abnormal

strength. This is true for Regan, as
she committed homicide while
possessed. However, when Regan
was relieved from the demon, she
no longer held any memories of
her unconscious state.

History of Horror

November 14, 2022
At the start of this school year, principal Dr. Ann Bonitatibus collected containers filled with slips of paper. Staff members wrote their beliefs and hopes relating to innovation at Jefferson. “Everybody [is] coming out of COVID with some energy again, and we want to start getting our neurons firing about whats new, whats exciting,” Dr. Bonitatibus said. “To me, innovation is next. Every week Im planting seeds with their own ideas, not mine.”

Lightning in a bottle

October 26, 2022
Kai Bilal performs during the sophomores MEX dance despite struggles with boys building interest and participation. The initial demo seemed kind of hard, sophomore Zeerak Yusufi said. It was fast paced and the [guys] just lost interest. There were no friend groups, either—it was just random people who decided to come to MEX, so there was no hype. We [didnt] generate enough interest.

MEX spirit in shambles

September 23, 2022
Students across the nation take standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and PSAT to qualify for scholarships and get into their dream universities. However, because of the weight put on the resulting scores, test anxiety is a common occurrence. “Go out there and do your best and then come up with an actionable plan,” counselor Sean Burke said.

Managing test anxiety

September 9, 2022

[Photo] Anya Raval

August 25, 2022
Jefferson students are spearheading a change in FCPS history curriculum to represent more women and those of an underrepresented minority. Members of WEAR give a presentation on important female figures in history whose stories arent taught to many students.

Diversity in history

February 13, 2022
During the ping pong tournament hosted by Jefferson’s SGA, Rick Yoon serves the ball to partners Josh Golden and Hudson Keeler. “In between points I focus a lot on my partner and my team—what’s our strategy, what are we thinking about, how are we going to deal with everything, but in the middle of the point, I’m not thinking about anything,” Golden said. “Everything simplifies down to the ball, your paddle, and their paddle.”

[Photo] In your face

January 31, 2022
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Top 5+5 of 2021: Books

January 30, 2022
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