News Brief: Superintendent Reid recommends against Regional Governing Board

In a presentation to the Fairfax County School Board on March 30, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Superintendent Michelle Reid recommended an Advisory Group for Jefferson rather than moving to a Regional Governing Board. This recommendation was prompted by an Oct. 8, 2020, school board motion, directing the FCPS superintendent to create a plan for implementing a Regional Governing Board at Jefferson. 

Jefferson is one of 19 Academic Year Governor’s Schools (AYGS) in Virginia, and is a part of the FCPS system. While Jefferson enrolls students from neighboring counties Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, Falls Church City, as well as private and homeschooled students, all students and staff are a part of FCPS.

All of the AYGS schools in Virginia, except Jefferson, have a regional governing board. A regional governing board would change Jefferson’s jurisdiction, so staff members would no longer be FCPS employees. 

Superintendent Reid’s executive summary to the School Board suggested potential consequences of moving to a Regional Governing Board, such as a smaller percentage of FCPS students being accepted, increased costs of operation, and rehiring both instructional and non-instructional staff at Jefferson. 

Instead of a Regional Governing Board, Reid recommended an Advisory Group that would collaborate with FCPS and Jefferson administration, eliminating the possible consequences of moving to a Regional Governing Board.