Pratika Katiyar
If you combined winged eyeliner, an avid love for music, and a bright smile together in a person, you’d be left with none other than Pratika Katiyar. Now a senior, she continues to write articles for tjTODAY online and print, and manages staffers. In the past, Pratika worked as Online Editor-in-chief, Team Leader, and a Staff Writer. She is an active member of Women Interested in Science and Engineering (WISE), Spanish Honor Society, and the TJ Varsity Women's Golf team. She is also a New Voices student leader and Writing Center Tutor. 

Pratika has been a part of TJ Media since her freshman year, but she has wanted to work in journalism ever since she visited CNN studios prior to high school. In the future, Pratika hopes to pursue a career in journalism and public policy.

Pratika Katiyar, Editor-in-Chief

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