5 Seconds of Summer comes back with “Want You Back”


Photo courtesy of PopCrush.

After two years, 5SOS released the album art of their newest single.

Pratika Katiyar, Staff Writer

Two years. 772 days. Over 1000 hours of pure ecstasy and anticipation. That’s how long I waited for this moment.

As soon as the news broke about a new 5SOS song, I rushed home to my phone and jammed my earbuds into the headphone jack, eagerly tapping the Spotify app. Flashbacks and snippets of the last two years of live concerts flooded my mind as I blasted the song for two hours straight.

And even then, it wasn’t enough.

“Want You Back,” the newest single released by the band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS), is the apologetic pop song you never knew you needed. The lyrics, now etched into my brain, are catchy and bitter sweet. The beats are fresh, and I can’t resist dancing along to them because they’re so catchy.

5SOS’s first album, featuring the hit song “She Looks So Perfect”, had a typical teenage boy tone with a pop rock edge to it. The band then changed their music to a more mature and unconventional vibe after their second album. By the time they released “Want You Back”, they had completely reinvented their overall sound. All their lyrics suddenly had depth, and could be viewed with different perspectives. The dynamics followed the mood of the song, which was powerful in expressing the band’s emotions.

After the release of 5SOS’s sophomore album “Sounds Good Feels Good,” I was not only torn, but I was also left in anticipation. The chart topping group took a two year hiatus after dropping their album, leaving all loyal fans (including me) in disappointment. The redemption? This brand new song that blew me away.