College Board changes AP testing


Pratika Katiyar

The old 2020 AP exam schedule along with an AP Physics prep book and AP Micro/Macroeconomics prep book. The changes to the 2019-20 AP exam administration are a concern for some. “I think the main concern most people have is how colleges are going to take this entire situation,” Granum said.

Pratika Katiyar, Online Editor-in-Chief

As of March 20, AP Exams for the 2019-20 testing season will not be administered face-to-face in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, students can take a 45-minute online exam at home with the content on the exam being adjusted to include only topics covered by early March. There will be two testing dates available for students, with the full exam schedule and other testing details available on April 3. 

As per their recent statement, the College Board stated that they will continue to provide resources to AP students for review, as well as access to technology and test cancellations at no charge.  

Though students will still receive college credit for these shortened exams, test security and accessibility remains a concern for some. 

I think that obviously cheating is a really big concern because there really isn’t any accountability when you’re taking a test by yourself at home. I also think accessibility can be a potential issue because not everyone has access to a computer,” junior Catie Granum said. “Although this decision isn’t the ideal situation, it’s really the only one that’s plausible. In a large situation like this, the actions need to be tailored to the people that have been hit the worst, and right now those are the people that are stuck at home.”

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