Activities Fair introduces freshmen to school activities


Pratika Katiyar

TJ Yearbook Co-Editor-in-Chief Steven Le speaks to freshman Niharika Chandna about joining TJ Media. Le explains the formatting and student input involved with the publication of the 2018-19 yearbook.

Gabriel Ascoli and Nirja Divekar

The activities fair at Jefferson, held on Friday, Sept.13, introduced freshmen and froshmores (sophomores who are new to Jefferson) to different clubs and eighth period activities. Students follow a convention-style program to visit booths and ask questions to club leaders.   

Officers of most clubs use this event to try and recruit new students. They do this by using persuasive techniques and sales pitches to interest incoming students.

“I feel like in order for our club to grow and expand as an organization and help change the lives of more people, we need new influences and new perspectives that will help improve the way our help works,” tjSTAR leader Hana Wong said. “The Activities Fair is definitely an eye-opener for a lot of students, especially for the ones who aren’t necessarily on social media and haven’t been subjected to the constant stream of advertisements.”

Teachers feel like the Activities Fair is the best way for students to view the variety of clubs offered in the TJ community. 

“It gives them an opportunity to look at clubs they otherwise would never have heard of,” English teacher Vincent Pollet said.

Freshmen also think it’s a great opportunity to explore the different activities and see how they operate. 

“It’s amazing, there are so many different clubs and people and ideas… It’s all just super overwhelming,” freshman Ridhi Pendyala said. “Honestly, I’ve signed up for too many clubs because they all seem so interesting!”