SGA unveils new wellness room


Tiffany Ji

SGA officers sit in the new mental health and wellness room. After months of planning, they set up the room on Feb. 8. “There wasn’t a quiet space where students could unwind, [now there is],” SGA Vice President Tiffany Ji said.

Karolin Kleiber, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) created a wellness room on Monday, Feb. 8.

“[It’s] designed to help student’s relax, and let students have a quiet space during the school day. TJ can be especially hectic and stressful,” senior and Vice President Tiffany Ji said. 

The space will be available for students to occupy throughout the school day.

“Our vision is that students [can use the room] during 8th period. During classes, it will be available for counselors to meet with students,” Ji said.

The room provides activities that will allow students to relax by themselves, or with friends.

“We have a relaxation corner with a bunch of pillows, we also have high tables and seating areas near plants [students] can water. We also have drawing supplies, and board games,” Ji said.

Freshman Shrishti Gosh helped find furniture, including chairs, bean bags and tables. Since she was unable to enter the school due to coronavirus restrictions, SGA sponsors Dr. Phillips and Ms. Mills helped design the room.

“For getting the dimensions of the room, our sponsors were already [going] to the building, so they would measure and relay back [to our team]. The four SGA officers went into [school] and built the room,” Gosh said.

The main feature is a legacy wall. 

“There was an empty wall, and so I came up with the idea that every graduating class would paint a little canvas with an inspirational message,” Gosh said.

Freshman Prisha Rachakonda is interested in using the break room once students return to school.

“[I would] rather meet with a counselor in the mental health room, Rachakonda said. “[It] would be a more relaxed space.”