Teachers beyond the classroom: SGA hosts Teacher Trivia


Photo courtesy of Srilakshmi Medarametla.

In this Kahoot quiz at the Student Government Association’s Teacher Trivia event, students guess that Mr. Lightner’s craziest childhood memory was the time he saw a group of buffalo scare off a grizzly bear.

Srilakshmi Medarametla, Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 14th, students learned fun facts about Geosystems teacher Katherine Phillips as well as math teachers Marianne Razzino, Karilee Schmitt, and Corey Lightner at the Student Government Association (SGA)’s Teacher Trivia event.

Through a series of Kahoot questions about personal hobbies and crazy childhood memories, students at Teacher Trivia met the dynamic people teachers are outside of their professional persona in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Although junior Swesik Ramineni, an activities coordinator on SGA’s Executive Committee, felt the Kahoot was unnecessary in pursuing this goal, he nevertheless enjoyed the informal conversation where learned more about his teacher, Lightner.

“I hadn’t heard the grizzly bear story before, so that was new,” Ramineni said.

Likewise, Lightner appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the student participants and his fellow teachers.

“Talking to the students was the part I liked most, though I wish there were more students who came,” Lightner said.

Indeed, although SGA offered the trivia Kahoot winners and one lucky event participant Amazon gift card prizes in order to entice student participation, Teacher Trivia had only eight students in attendance. Therefore, in order to increase turnout, student government leadership resolves to raise greater awareness about Teacher Trivia and other such events which seek to bring the Jefferson community closer together during distance learning.

“I think we’ll try to keep posting more on Facebook and be mindful of busy days for students,” senior Tiffany Ji, SGA vice-president, said.