Technology seems to have become a part of people. We use our devices every chance we can get. They’re attached to us, and it has made a big impact on our lives. It messes with both our mental and physical health. With all the work that Jefferson students have to complete, we can’t afford to be distracted by social media and our devices. However, because of how much time everyone has been spending on devices, it’s hard to get away from it now.

Jefferson and technology

Ayesha Khan, Staff Writer
May 10, 2022
Mondays should be changed into full-day JLCs to better student mental health and make more use of school hours.

Full day JLC

Tanvi Pedireddi, Staff Writer
April 25, 2022
Junior Aryamaan Singh believes that behind every extracurricular, there must be genuine interest: “If you’re checking off a box, you won’t really have much to say in earnest on college applications.”

Internship introspections

Lucas Ribeiro, Staff Writer
February 2, 2022
SGA officers sit in the new mental health and wellness room. After months of planning, they set up the room on Feb. 8. “There wasn’t a quiet space where students could unwind, [now there is],” SGA Vice President Tiffany Ji said.

SGA unveils new wellness room

Karolin Kleiber, Staff Writer
February 20, 2021
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