Destressing during exam season


Tanvi Pedireddi

These six study methods and tips will help you avoid stress this exam season.

Tanvi Pedireddi, Staff Writer

With exam season in full swing, you might find yourself busier than ever, trying to fit everything into your schedule while trying to keep your stress levels low. Here are some ways to destress during exam season. 

Create a study schedule

The best way to avoid stress during exam season is to avoid work piling up and inefficient time planning. By creating a study schedule, you can block in time for classes, and extracurriculars, and give yourself free time. Adding hobbies to your schedule would allow you to decompress and take time for yourself.


Mindfulness is often overlooked when it comes to removing stress from one’s busy schedule. However, meditation and yoga have significant benefits such as increasing your focus, reducing stress and helping you clear your mind. Mindfulness sessions can be as short as five minutes a day, in which you might take deep breaths or go on a walk. Whichever method you choose, it can significantly boost your day.


Social media has never been more prevalent in today’s society, therefore, it is easy to get distracted by it. However, doing so would cause the procrastination of work before it starts to pile up. By putting away your phone and anything else that causes distractions, you can use your time more efficiently and avoid cumulative stress the night before your exam.

Take Breaks

It can be overwhelming to study without breaks. While you may want to get in as much studying as you can, taking breaks prevents burnout and allow you to stay refreshed. However, it is important that during breaks you don’t do something that can be addicting like scrolling through social media or watching a show. Instead, try taking a short walk or something non-phone-related that you enjoy.

Get enough sleep

Even though you might slip into late nights studying for your finals and APs, getting enough sleep is imperative to a good score, especially the night before the exam. If you end up sleeping late, make sure to take short power naps to recharge and feel your best when studying so be productive. 

Change your environment

Chances are you’re studying in your room all day, every day. However, a change of scenery can be good for your focus and productivity. For instance, studying outside, in a cafe, or at the library can help your brain refocus on your work. 

The exam season can be stressful, but if you navigate through it the right way, you can get better results with less toll on your mental health.