AP stress beyond the exams

Students find that it’s not just the AP tests, but the coursework created during AP week that causes stress.


A picture of the AP exam schedule, courtesy of the College Board.

Reena Wang and Jessica Feng

As AP Exam week rolls around, many students are scrambling to study a year worth of information for one test. However, the stress doesn’t end after the exam itself, as students must catch up on material they missed while testing.

“Making up work from AP testing is unavoidable but can get stressful, especially because juniors tend to take many APs. Balancing class work and cramming a new subject every other night can be a struggle,” junior Kathy Li said.

Missing classes can be a struggle for both teachers and students alike. While it is helpful if the teachers choose not to teach important lessons while students are testing, it’s not always avoidable.

“I think it’s manageable but it can also get really annoying when you’re unlucky enough to have AP exams during physics periods and 8th periods. Juniors are doing wave labs in Physics 1 during the AP weeks and they’re kind of hard to make up if you miss a couple of classes in a row since most people are ahead at that point and have formed different groups,” junior Malavika Pillai said.

Other students didn’t have as much trouble making up classwork.

“I didn’t have a hard time keeping up with work even for classes I missed because most of my teachers were pretty understanding about AP week and didn’t assign anything major,” junior Carol Zhang said.

Some students also understood that planning any kind of coursework was stressful for both teachers and students.

“Well it’s definitely difficult for teachers to coordinate things because many students are absent and it’s not fair for students to have to make up certain things just because of the courses they choose to take,” sophomore Reevu Adakroy said.

There are many ways teachers can assist students who miss class including providing additional study material, posting class plans on Blackboard and Google Classroom, and reducing material covered in class.

“Teachers can be more active on Blackboard and post what they did in class that day, but I think students should talk to the teacher in advance to make sure they don’t miss anything,” freshman Valerie Li said.

“It’s always hard to miss class so it’s good when teachers realize that and accommodate the students that are taking APs which has generally been the case for me, but I have only taken two APs and they were both on red days. Generally, it’s just important for the teachers to be aware and work with their students during this time,” sophomore Julia Kao-Sowa said.