SGA activities: a success in a dejected environment

Student motivation could be turning in the right direction


Aarya Kumar

SGA councils have organized dozens of virtual activities to encourage fun and kindness in the community. The events range from Small Groups to karaoke concerts to Teacher Trivia.

Aarya Kumar, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) has attempted to help students cope with the stress of online learning through school-sponsored activities. Game nights, spirit weeks, and teacher appreciation have all been in full swing since the start of the school year.

Despite SGA intentions, the online environment has made it hard to conduct effective events for special occasions. Many events are mostly attended by extroverted students, overlooking quiet students who would feel more comfortable in smaller gatherings. Due to the lack of effective SGA events, many students aren’t receiving the support they need during these stressful times.

I believe the SGA has been mostly successful in their events by drawing crowds and supporting students with energetic and fun activities, but they need to fine-tune a few events to account for the holidays because those days are especially exciting for students. Additionally, they should appeal to a larger scope of students through small group activities as well as large social games and activities.

In the days of in-person learning, SGA and the administrators teamed up for special occasions like Mardi Gras when they handed out chains and fun apparel, or Halloween when students received candy. While these types of traditions are harder to conduct virtually, we cannot fail our student body. For instance, SGA can mail green and gold apparel to students for St. Patrick’s Day and send postcards of presidents for President’s Day.

Virtual learning and COVID-19 may be memorable for the bad reasons, but SGA should make this year memorable for the good. By accounting for more generalized events and using holidays as a time to spread positivity, students can destress and enjoy a good time.