Wrestling Scoring Guide

The points-based system of wrestling can often be difficult to grasp at first. For that reason, we’ve put together a scoring guide to aid you while reading all our wrestling coverage this season.

Match Scoring

If the wrestler holds their opponent on their back with any part of both shoulders or shoulder blades touching the mat, its known as a fall and the match ends. However, if neither wrestler manages to pin the other, the match is decided by points, which can be scored in five different ways:

Takedown (2 points): Taking the opponent down to the mat and controlling them

Escape (1 point): Getting away or to a neutral position after being down on the mat under the opponent

Reversal (2 points): Coming from underneath your opponent to gain control of them

Near Fall (2 or 3 points): Nearly pinning the opponent. Holding the opponent in a near fall for 2 seconds grants you 2 points whereas holding them for five seconds grants you 3 points.

Whichever wrestler first establishes a 15 point lead, known as a technical fall, or is ahead in points by the end of the match wins.

Meet Scoring

Individual matches help teams accumulate points towards winning a meet, in which both teams have one wrestler from each weight class match up. If a wrestler wins their match by fall (pin), forfeit, or disqualification, they earn their team 6 points. As for points-based wins, a technical fall (15 point lead at any point) gets a team 5 points, a major decision (8-14 point lead at end) earns 4 points, and a decision (less than 8 point lead at end) wins 3 points.