Jefferson varsity girls soccer team wins 2-0 against Justice on senior night


Emi Curtis

Seniors (from left to right) Ashley Lee, Lexie Skeen, Sydney Belt, Andrea Silva, Alex Fall, Kailyn Pudleiner, sit in front of the balloons. “It was a really fun night and a cool way to celebrate the seniors,” sophomore Emi Curtis said.

Ashley Hwang, Staff Writer

On Monday, May 3, the Jefferson girls varsity soccer team won against Justice 2-0. It was also their senior night.

“The day of, everyone wears their senior night shirt and we get breakfast for the seniors. After school we start decorating the bleachers with the balloon senior letters, streamers, and balloons,” sophomore Emi Curtis said. 

They celebrated seniors Lexie Skeen, Kailyn Pudleiner, Ashley Lee, Alex Fall, Sydney Belt, and Andrea Silva. 

“The underclassmen did such an amazing job with the senior night festivities. From the thoughtful and sentimental gifts to the shirts and announcements, TJ Sports and Girls Soccer did an amazing job acknowledging an amazing group of seniors that have made a true impact on this team,” senior Andrea Silva said. 

Another highlight of this game was Silva’s return to the field after her ACL surgery.

“I have been injured with an ACL injury all year, so to step on the field and play for some time was one of the highlights of my entire senior year, as well as having all my wonderful teammates cheering me on,” Silva said. 

At halftime, the score hit 1-0, scored by sophomore Aurora Zary and assisted by freshman Josie Clayton.

“It came off of some great passing from [freshman] Anna Chau and a nice cross from Josie Clayton, and it was great to see some key underclassmen leading the way and showing the potential for years to come,” Silva said. 

The final score was 2-0, with the last goal scored by Chau and assisted by Curtis.     

“I thought the game was great. It was a tight one against Justice, so it made for an exciting atmosphere. Throughout the season we have been building more chemistry and are starting to see the results of that work in our recent games. The win was also incredibly gratifying for all the seniors,” Silva said. “After all, it’s fun to win on senior night.”