The future of clubs in the hands of students

Clubs should use a mix of the application and committee process to identify talented students for leadership positions.


Aarya Kumar

To earn a leadership position, students must focus on either an application or their impression on current officers.

Aarya Kumar, Staff Writer

As seniors depart for college, clubs are beginning to look for qualified students to fill their shoes. Most clubs either ask students to apply for leadership positions or have a committee of current officers and sponsors decide the leadership for the next year.

Committees choose students who make a good impression and demonstrate skills relevant to the club, such as mentoring other members. This approach ensures that students who are newer to the club have an opportunity to hold a position based on their first impressions and immediate skills instead of a long list of accomplishments in the club. Essentially, all students have a fair chance at a position even if they joined later than other students.

It is important to recognize newer students who may not have found the club immediately but still have an interest. By using a mix of the application and committee process, I think newer students will have an even better chance at getting a leadership position. 

Applications allow students to write about their personal skills and knowledge they’ve gained through the club while the accomplishments aspect plays a smaller role in the process. This is important because accomplishments within the club, such as winning a competition or giving a lecture can often be subjective and determined by one’s commitment over time. Meanwhile, a committee can review applications without a list of accomplishments due to a club leader’s experience proving useful to pick qualified candidates. Additionally, applications are useful in clubs with a large number of people because the officers will not know every member personally.

Each and every year, students will face rejection while vying for a leadership position. However, students should not be shunned away before they even apply.  When students work so hard to achieve their goals, they deserve a real chance at success instead of their voice being tossed to the curb.

By using applications, students will have an opportunity to showcase their passion for an activity. These applications recognize all students by giving them a platform to voice their qualifications instead of getting out of their comfort zone and trying to impress the officers of a club.