Recap of the 2016-2017 school year

Brian Park and Aryaan Hussain

Cellphone Policy

Avni Singh
This year using your cellphone in the hallway could lead to strict consequences if it is during an instructional period. As the number of offenses increases, the severity of the consequence will also increase.

Jefferson accepts the FCPS policy that students may not use cell phones during class time without teacher permission. The policy shows signs of a degrading trust between students and administration.



At the dance, students pose in front of the balloon arch for homecoming pictures.

A whole week of fun pep rallies, activities, competitions, and the annual Friday night Homecoming game led up to the Homecoming Dance

Diary of Anne Frank

Grace Mak
Juliana Gruver, Olivia Johansson, Olympia Hatzilambrou, and Joshua Mutterperl rehearse a scene from the production a day before the first show.

TJ Drama’s fall play was the Diary of Anne Frank, it was presented on November 11 and 12 for the TJ community to view the Drama department’s hard work.

Presidential Election

photo courtesy of
Donald Trump’s cabinet head nominees will have hearings by the Senate early this year.

Trump won the presidency and will serve from 2017-2020. His election has caused controversy in the Jefferson community and all around the world.


Ankit Agrawal
Blending into the darkness with black clothing, members of Poi club light up the iNite 2016 stage.

On March 10, 2017 students gathered to celebrate the diversity in our community through dance.

Hack TJ

Brian Park
The 2017 Hack TJ t-shirts are given out during registration.

Students were challenged with coming up with new innovative ideas through coding.

Les Miserables

Jennifer Steele, who played Éponine, and Evan Strong, who played Marius Pontmercy, rehearse a scene from “Les Misérables” before the show. Photo courtesy of Patty Vitsupakorn.

TJ Drama’s spring play this year was Les Miserables, a well known musical that was presented from March 24 – April 1, showcasing the student’s hard work.

Flow Day

Freshman Medha Gupta presents about how video games relate to real life.

Alumni, teachers, and students gave presentations on how we can embrace failure to create a learning experience.

Ribbon Cutting

Photo courtesy of Angel Kim. Dr. Glazer holds up a broken umbrella during his speech.

Jefferson’s completion of their renovation was showcased and celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony to show the amount of work and effort put into the building.

Talent Show

Rena Cai
The Blue Boxers strike their final pose.

The 2019 class counsel starts up an old tradition by hosting the talent show.


Picture courtesy of the TJ Techstravaganza Facebook Page
The Nobel Commons was filled with children who wanted to learn about biology, technology, computer science, and other scientific subjects, and their parents, who want their kids to pursue a career in science or technology.

Techstrav is an opportunity for middle school and elementary school students to learn about stem. It was help by TWIST and WISE on May 20th, 2017

Ann Bonitatibus

Amritha Justin
Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) announced Dr. Ann Bonitatibus as Jefferson’s new principal on May 26.

FCPS appointed Dr. Ann Bonitatibus on May 26 as our new principal.


Picture By Alex Howe
The crowd looks on as junior Nick Begotka is asked in the new courtyard.

The annual Sadies Dance, this year hosted by the Class of 2018, consisted of two weeks of girls ask guys askings that led up to the dance on May 29.


Rena Cai
Sophomore Ankita Vadiala grins with a Star Wars t-shirt, face paint, and an armful of food and drink.

Clubs sold items and had activities planned on June 9th, 2015. Many clubs used the time as a fundraiser.