TJMUN prepares for their upcoming TechMUN conference


Students chair one of the committees at last year’s TechMUN hosted at Jefferson.

Stav Nachum, Features Editor

With the annual Jefferson sponsored conference coming up in just two weeks, the members of Thomas Jefferson Model United Nations (TJMUN) are at work with the preparations for the event, including assigning staff members to different jobs, having schools sign up for the event and planning all the minute details including placards, food and merchandise.

With chair and staff assignments already sent out, committee topics approved, all of the background guides for each committee edited, formatted, and posted on the website and schools registered with country assignments, the staff is busily working on the final details such as folders for the delegates, country placards and nametags.

“My hope is that this year’s TechMUN will continue to be one of the premier conferences on the local circuit, and that the rich tradition of diversity and success is preserved,” junior Sreya Atluri, the chief of staff, said. “I admire the energy and dedication of all of the members of TJMUN, and I’m really looking forward to TechMUN.”

Though the event is being held at Robinson Secondary School, rather than Jefferson, due to the ongoing construction, the plans are continuing unhindered through many adjustments have been made to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Some changes had to be made to committee sizes, as some of the rooms at Robinson could not fit the committees that were originally planned for the conference, but TJMUN as a whole worked together to ensure the success of the conference.

“As chief of staff, my job has been pretty stressful, but my amazing staff, chairs, and czars of TechMUN, as well as my fellow Secretariat members and Sra. Pou have been helping immensely. They are doing everything,” Atluri said. “The event could not come together without them. They are such a wonderful support, and I’m so fortunate to be working with them.”

With a few issues arising because the conference was announced late due to the location change, the staff has managed to bounce back and remain ahead of schedule with the preparations and planning. As a team, TJMUN continued to overcome the many obstacles and challenges and forged a blazing path ahead.

“We have all been working so hard to ensure that this year’s TechMUN is successful,” sophomore Claire Scoggins said. “I know that our hard work will pay off because this conference will be amazing. I’m so excited to share this experience with the attending middle and high school students because I know they will enjoy it as much as I will.”