Shawn DeRose named 2014 Outstanding Assistant Principal of Virginia

Shawn DeRose named 2014 Outstanding Assistant Principal of Virginia

Lindsay Williams, Online editor

For the past few years, Shawn DeRose could be seen cheering on the Colonials at every basketball and football game as the Director of Student Activities. This hasn’t changed, but now as assistant principal, his positive impact on the school is even more widespread.

As a result of his hard work this year, DeRose was named the 2014 Outstanding Assistant Principal of Virginia for his talents in team-building and collaboration as well as versatility.

DeRose earned a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Ohio State University. He began his administrative career at Stuart High School and was Director of Student Activities at Jefferson for three years prior to becoming assistant principal for the senior class this year.

Since becoming assistant principal, DeRose has been involved in several programs to help improve student life at Jefferson. He assisted with the formation of the student-run honor council and has been pushing for student advocacy in academic integrity. He is also been working on helping students struggling to meet the B-average requirement.

“I have really enjoyed working with our intervention specialist and teachers to develop systematic approaches to help students who are struggling academically.” DeRose said.

DeRose attributes his success as assistant principal to the help of his fellow administrators and staff members.

“I have been fortunate as an administrator over the past 10 years to work with terrific principals, especially Dr. Glazer, who have supported my leadership development,” DeRose said. “Moreover, I have worked with many gifted teachers and administrators, including Mr. Kosatka, Dr. McDowell, Dr. Priddy, Ms. Bosley and Dr. Sondel over the past four years at TJ, who have been instrumental in my professional growth.”

DeRose looks forward to helping students continue to excel and collaborating with teachers and students.

“My favorite thing about being an assistant principal is working with and supporting the professional growth of teachers at TJ,” DeRose said. “Moreover, I love being around students and helping them as they transform from adolescents to young adults.  Being a part of their personal and academic growth at TJ is very special.”