Top 5 Lunch Spots

Aarya Kumar, Team Leader

5. Nobel Commons

Nobel Commons comes in at five because of its accessibility and space. Coming into freshman year at Jefferson, I wasn’t aware of many places in the building, so my friends and I usually ate lunch here. In addition to being well known, it is also very convenient for traveling within the school. One can take the stairs upstairs, walk to the Cafeteria, or go to Gym 1 in a couple of minutes. The commons can also hold a lot of people with couches on each side of the commons. However, Nobel is not higher up on my list because some seating was removed this year.

4. Lecture Hall

It may be surprising to see the Lecture Hall on this list, but it is a great place to eat lunch if you need to study. With students no longer allowed to eat in the Library, it can be hard to study in the noisy hallways and commons. However, this quiet space functions like a larger classroom. With long tables and chairs, students can either study for a big test or meet for a group project. Coming in at four, this location would be higher on my list if it had a more convenient location, rather than being in a far corner of the school.

3. Internet Cafe

With charging outlets and a nice view of the Courtyard, the Internet Cafe comes in at a solid number three. In a rather overlooked location, adjacent to the language hallway, students can either work and relax on their devices, or step outside to get some fresh air. While the long table setup is great for socializing with friends, the lack of seating and pretty small space makes it harder to fit a larger group of people and puts a ceiling on this spot at number three. 

2. Courtyard

Almost the ideal location, the Courtyard is great from a view, seating and accessibility perspective. From an initial look, there are obvious benefits to this outdoor location such as a beautiful view and a chance to step out during the six-hour school day. However, there is a lot more than initially meets the eye. For instance, the Amphitheater provides stair seating on top of the already numerous tables and benches. Additionally, the Courtyard is very accessible with entrances and exits on each side. The only downfall is the seasonal aspect of the Courtyard since it is hard to sit outdoors in the cold, winter months. 

1. College and Career Center

The College and Career Center is the all-in-one package as a lunch spot. It has great accessibility, view and seating while being open all year round. The location is accessible from both upstairs and downstairs with stairwells on either side. Additionally, it is located next to the cleanest bathroom in the school if you need to freshen up before or after you eat. While the College and Career Center may not have a skyline view like the Courtyard, one can spot friends and peers eating below in a modern lounge-type setting. Lastly, there is a huge selection of comfortable couches and chairs for you to enjoy with friends. With no pitfalls, the College and Career Center rounds out my list at number one.