Food trucks offer eclectic options for lunches


Carolyn Chheath

Students stand outside of food trucks during lunch to buy a meal.

Sandy Cho and Carolyn Chheath

Every lunch periods, students can be seen lining up at the two food trucks outside of the school. As hearty school lunch consumers, we have tried many of the different options offered and give our personal favorites that we’ve enjoyed throughout the year.

Chicken Bowls

Commonly packaged in paper Chinese take-out containers, the food truck’s chicken bowls complemented with either brown rice or noodles are a popular choice among students. Three types of chicken bowls available: Sichuan chicken, orange chicken and buffalo chicken.

We like the Sichuan chicken for the savory and spicy taste that balances pleasantly with the admittedly drab tasting rice and veggies. In addition, although the buffalo chicken is not very spicy, this option is great for those who are not familiar with Chinese cuisine yet enjoys the tangy seasoning of buffalo wings.

However, we prefer ordering rice over noodles since we found their noodles to be a bit too sweet for our tastes. Though the brown rice is not very appetizing, it goes well with the sauces of all three different types of chicken.


While the potstickers taste authentic, only five potstickers are given per meal, which may not be as filling as a chicken sandwich. But on days when we’re not feeling particularly hungry, they do serve as a good snack. However, it would be nice if they came with soy sauce to add to the authentic taste.

Ice Cream

After a rough morning in class, we could all use an ice cream pick-me-up. Although their selection is not very extensive flavor-wise, the food truck offers a variety of ice cream types: strawberry shortcake, chocolate shortcake, Oreo cone, ice cream sandwich and vanilla-chocolate cup.

We personally enjoy the Oreo ice cream the most for the cone itself and the cookie bits layered on top of the satisfying vanilla ice cream. In addition, nothing can go wrong with the classic ice cream sandwich, in which vanilla ice cream is stacked between two layers of chocolate wafers. On the other hand, we had a poor experience with the chocolate shortcake which were so frozen that they were as hard as rocks.

Treating yourself to ice cream for the price of three quarters is also a great way to get rid of pocket change.

Hot Chocolate

During the cold winter months, the food trucks offered steaming cups of hot chocolate. Though they were just Nestle powdered hot chocolate, these helped warm up the days and went surprisingly well with the Chinese food offered at the food trucks.

Overall, contrary to the common perception that school lunches are not good, the food trucks have offered tasty options that people who have diverse tastes in food.