Sophomore class council holds ice cream sale


Volita Russel

After they sold out of ice cream, Class Council members Felix Howton, Matt Sprintson, and Tommy Fan hold up boxes of empty ice cream sandwiches, cones, and bars. “We’re definitely looking to replicate the same success in the future,” sophomore Matt Sprintson said.

Anya Raval, Staff Writer

The 2024 Class Council hosted an ice cream fundraiser on Friday, March 25 between eighth-period blocks in Nobel commons. The ice cream fundraiser consisted of different flavors from vanilla, chocolate, and sundae to ice cream sandwiches and bars, with each product selling for $2. The fundraiser brought in more than $400 in profit for the class of 2024. 

“I think the sale went great, we made $400 in profit which is better than the boba sale so I’m very happy with it, ” sophomore Matt Sprintson said.