Spring sports tryouts begin


Ryan Dwyer

Jefferson students try out for the baseball team on Feb. 21. “We have a litany of players, all of whom are very talented, whom we think will be able to lead this program to the top of our district,” captain of the baseball team, Ryan Dwyer, said.

Grace Sharma, Staff Writer

Spring sports tryouts began on Feb. 21 at Jefferson and will continue for the rest of the week, and track and field tryouts will begin on Feb. 22. Athletic registration and a valid Virginia High School League (VHSL) physical are needed to try out, but Jefferson students of any grade level are welcome. 

Captains and coaches are looking for different things depending on the sport, ranging from certain skill levels to their ability to work with the team to their dedication.

“It would be great if people knew how to throw a baseball, be great if people knew how to hit, but really the only thing that I would be looking for as a captain is just someone that is dedicated to working,” baseball captain and senior Ryan Dwyer said.

Not many Jefferson baseball players join the team already knowing how to play, so the captains are mostly looking for dedication and drive in athletes. 

“Knowledge of the sport really isn’t a prerequisite,” Dwyer said. “It’s just willing to put in the work to be a better player and contribute to the game.”

Different coaches are looking for different things, though, and scoring is important for tennis tryouts. 

“I won’t sugarcoat it and, obviously, win-loss ratio is the most important aspect because [Coach] wants to see you in that competitive environment if you can win or lose compared to other schools,” senior Isabel Gan, captain of the tennis team, said. “But I think he really puts an emphasis on potential and whether or not he sees it in you.” 

Baseball tryouts started off strong on Feb. 21, and the captains and coaches are looking forward to the rest of the spring season. 

“We were all blown away by the talent that we saw,” Dwyer said. “On the first day of tryouts, this is the best I have felt going into the season over the course of my four years.”