News Brief: Student Equity Coalition holds college panel


Chris Yoo

In honor of Black History Month, the TJ Student Equity Coalition and Black Student Union joint-organized a meeting to discuss students of color in various educational institutions.

Chris Yoo, Staff Writer

The Student Equity Coalition and Black Student Union hosted a panel concerning the college experiences of staff members on Friday, Feb. 18 during the 8th period. The topic of discussion was focused on the experiences of students of color who attended either Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) or Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs).

The staff panel that the coalition invited for the event consisted of Andrea Smith, counselor, Chrystal Benson, assistant principal, Armond Bass, lab technology, Volita Russell, assistant principal, Robin Taylor, chemistry, and Shawn Frank, assistant principal. 

The schools that were in discussion were Le Moyne College, Fairfield University, Southern University, Jackson State University, Hampton University, Strayer University, George Washington University, and Howard University, the universities that the panel members attended.

Throughout the 45 minute meeting, the panel would be asked questions and would answer based on their individual college experiences. Some of the major questions in discussion included, “What caused you to go to the college that you did?” “What were the struggles that you faced in college?” and “How was campus life at these colleges?”

After hearing each question, the panel would share their perspectives one by one, with responses ranging from experiences in marching band and lunch classes, to the process of choosing what is right for every individual.