2021 class council organizes senior meet-up


Niko Economos

Seniors gathered outside the dome at Jefferson on Feb. 27, 2021. They caught up with each other while snacking on food. “It surprisingly went better than expected,” Hwang said. “We expected a lot of people to not be able to come due to the drive to TJ, but it went pretty well.”

Karli Torres Hinojosa, Staff Writer

The 2021 Class Council organized an in-person senior meet-up outside the dome at Jefferson on Feb. 27 as a way for seniors to catch up.

“We wanted to have an event [where] we were able to all come to school at the central place and just briefly reacquaint ourselves,” senior and Class Council President Matthew Hwang said. 

While everyone was catching up, regulations were enforced to make sure everyone could stay safe.

“Throughout the entire event we mandated masks. In addition, we made sure that everyone was spread out,” Hwang said. “We had food there but everything was individually packaged for each and every person.” 

Students had no problem sticking to these rules. 

“Everyone was wearing masks, it was outside, and there were chairs spaced six feet apart,” senior Julia Kao-Sowa said. “You could take it [the food package] home or you could go way off to the side and eat.” 

This senior get-together did more than let everyone reconnect.

“For some of the seniors who are coming back to school in person it’s going to be a good way of getting used to going back to school and seeing other teachers or administration there,” Hwang said.

After not seeing many classmates for a while, interacting with people in person was a dreamlike experience.

“It was kind of surreal,” Hwang said. “I think everyone was excited to see each other and excited for future activities as well.”

Seeing so many friendly faces was a familiar experience for seniors.

“I think everyone was really happy. There were a lot of good vibes because we’ve all gone to high school with each other for three years,” Kao-Sowa said. “A lot of us have lost touch with people who we would say hi to in the halls or have classes with, so it was nice to be able to reconnect.”

The get-together had a big turnout.

“I didn’t really expect to see so many people there,” Kao-Sowa said. “There were a lot of people I haven’t seen in a year.”

This gathering was just the first of many more activities in the future.

“FCPS wanted to standardize the celebrations [with] every senior from each and every single school. So, in conjunction with that we formulated this senior meetup, which is going to probably be monthly,” Hwang said.

The class council is already planning more meet-ups for the upcoming months.

“We only had music playing in the background and everyone just reacquainted with each other, but we’re planning to have more exciting events later on in the year when it gets warmer,” Hwang said. “We’re starting to plan our March Pi Day. [We’re] hoping for the best and hoping for more to come!”