Return to school frequently asked questions and survey results

Return to school survey results and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) were compiled by the Jefferson Parent Teacher Students Association (PTSA) and released on July 6, 2020. The following infographics include data on learning options chosen and satisfaction with the original July 10 deadline to make a decision for the full year – this deadline has now changed to July 15.


What is the plan for fall sports?

No final decisions have been made; Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) plans will be made based on instruction from the Virginia High School League (VHSL) and the state.

Will students be able to switch between in-school learning and online learning?

Students will not be permitted to switch unless health concerns arise. 

Will school start on August 25?

No final decision has been made but possibly delaying the start of the school year has been discussed by the FCPS school board. 

How will the Jefferson curriculum change next year?

The same standard and skills will be retained; fewer topics will be taught, but with a greater depth. Teachers will most likely, but not necessarily, all be Jefferson teachers. 

How does the in-school curriculum compare to the online learning curriculum?

Students may need to take an alternative course depending on enrollment choice; however, FCPS is also working on dual programs in which enrollment in a class in another center may be possible if not available to the student through Jefferson. Schedule conflicts will most likely not be announced until mid-August. Though likely taught in different forms, both choices will follow the same standards.

Will in-person learning occur at the same time as online learning?

Yes, though timings for the same courses between online and in-person may differ. 

Will AP courses be offered online?

Because many Jefferson classes are AP classes, some AP classes are expected to be offered online.

How does online learning account for senior labs?

No final decisions have been made; however, supplemental virtual labs are being explored for online learning. 

How will eighth period and after school clubs and activities function?

Though no final decisions have been made, current plans are to continue eighth period and clubs and activities with adjustments based on health and social distancing guidelines. 

What platform will be used with online learning?

Teachers may choose between FCPS 24-7 Learning (BlackBoard) and Google Classroom.

How will FCPS policies change if health conditions improve?

FCPS current status will be reviewed if health conditions improve enough to allow full capacity for in-person learning. 

What precautions is FCPS taking to follow guidelines on health and social distancing?

Every child and staff will be required to submit daily that they are asymptomatic and have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms. Students and staff will be distanced and wear face coverings. Surfaces and rooms will be disinfected, students will eat lunch in the classroom when possible, and building access will be limited.