Return to school survey results released

Results from the Return to School Family and Staff survey conducted by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) were released in June. The survey gathers data from staff and families concerning access to technology, perspective on effectiveness of scenarios, and comfort with scenarios. FCPS reports that these results are generally alike, though sometimes more positive, then results regarding staff and family perspectives on returning to in-school instruction in the U.S.

High school access to technology and perspectives on synchronous/asynchronous instruction

Most staff and students reported having access to some form of computer or device and technology. The majority of both staff and parents agreed that synchronous learning was inadequate. Most teachers found asynchronous learning to be adequate whereas most parents found it to be adequate or inadequate.

High school staff level of comfort with scenarios

In response to scenario 2, reopening with health and social distancing, and general return, most staff reported feeling comfortable or uncomfortable, with highly uncomfortable following closely after.

High school family perspective on and comfort with scenarios

Pertaining to scenario one, percent of families comfortable with virtual distance learning are relatively similar across comfort levels. In terms of scenario 2a and 2b, returning to school with health and social distancing, respectively incorporating 25 or 50 percent of students attending school at a time 1 day or 2 days per week, family level comfort was also similar across levels; both scenarios reported slightly higher percentages for “comfortable”. Given scenario three, online learning by choice, most families responded while unlikely they will opt into this choice, it is important that it is offered.

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